Charhizma 011/pdn 011 Maschine brennt

Orchester 331/3

Christof Kurzmann, saxophone, clarinet, electronics; Christian Fennesz, electronics; Klaus Filip, saxophone, electronics; Richard Klammer, trumpet; Thomas Berghammer, trumpet; Gerhard Birschitzky, trombone; Franz Reisecker, guitar; Günther Castanetti, electronic percussion; Michael Krupica, acoustic bass; Wolfgant Ritt, electric bass; Michael Moser, electric bass; Mex Wolfsteiner, drums; Dieter Hauptmann, sound; Michael Danner, sound; Didi Bruckmayr, voice; Julia Hosek, management. With Josef Novotny, piano (track 1); Max Nagl, saxophone (track 2).

  1. Maschine brennt! (41.10)
  2. Die hard (07.08)
  3. Daily plasma (06.53)
  4. Lower ass side mix (04.42)
  5. Review (06.03)
  6. Reise nach Berlin (04.50)

Tracks 1 and 2 recorded live at Musikprotokoll/Graz 1998; track 3 recorded at Festival Transmitter/ Hohenems, 1998.

Graphic (front cover reproduced above) by A. Pawlik für D+; photograph by M. Zeigelböck.

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