Charhizma 017 My dear mummy

Otomo Yoshihide/Shimada Masahiko

Fritz Ostermayer, recitation; Yagi Michiyo, koto; Andrea Neumann, inside piano; Taku Sugimoto, guitar; Ishikawa Ko, sho; Günter Müller, selected drums, electronics; Sachiko M., sinewaves, Eto Naoko, piano; Werner Dafeldecker, bass; Otomo Yoshihide, invisible conductor; Silvia Fässler, invisible prompter; Masahiko Shimada, author; Eckhart Derschmidt, translation.

  1. Miira ni naru made (59.40)
Recorded at Alter Schlachthof Wels during Music Unlimited 13 on 5 November 1999.

Front cover (reproduced above) by Ernst Feichll.

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