Chronoscope CPE 2001-2 Karyobin: are the imaginary birds said to live in paradise

Spontaneous Music Ensemble

Kenny Wheeler, trumpet, flugelhorn; Evan Parker, soprano saxophone; Derek Bailey, electric guitar; Dave Holland, bass; John Stevens, drums.

Karyobin parts 1-6 (total time 49.04). Recorded by Eddie Kramer at Olympic Sound Studios, 18 February 1968; remastered at Town House Studios, 1993.

Original sleeve design (reproduced above) by David Chaston; painting of Karyobin by Robert Macauley.

Re-issue of Island (UK) ILPS 9079 (LP).

Re-issued in November 2017 as Emanem 5046 with a far superior mix compared to the two previous issues.

Evan Parker discusses Karyobin in an interview.

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