Chronoscope CPE 2004-2 Monoceros

Evan Parker

Evan Parker, solo soprano saxophone.

  1. Monoceros 1 (21.36)
  2. Monoceros 2 (05.15)
  3. Monoceros 3 (09.02)
  4. Monoceros 4 (04.08)
Recorded at Wyastone Leys Monmouth, on 30 April 1978.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Roberto Masotti.

This CD release is a re-issue (in 1999) of Incus 27 LP. No new material is included (the whole Monoceros session was released on LP) but there are extensive notes by Steve Lake. Lake notes that quotes in his essay, 'are taken primarily from diverse faxes and letters from the saxophonist and from a text Parker wrote in 1992 for the Rotterdam concert series "Man and Machine", where he presented a solo piece entitled "De Motu (for Buschi Niebergall)". The "De Motu" text is an important document, spelling out aspects of Parker's improvising philosophy rarely touched upon by journalists, and its publication elsewhere is overdue." Evan Parker has kindly agreed that this text is made available on this web site: "De Motu".

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