ODIN NJ 4025-2 Accent

Circulasione Totale Orchestra

Didrik Ingvaldsen, trumpet; Bjørn Ole Solberg, alto saxophone; Frode Gjerstad, tenor saxophone; Morten Mølster, guitar; Eivin One Pedersen, piano, accordion; Øystein Eldøy, bass; Kjell Arne Jensen, bass; Hans Chr. Hansen, percussion; Audun Kleive, drums; John Stevens, drums.

New keys (03.56), Happy house (03.05), J7 (06.04), Duo (03.54), BKB (05.29), Cherry's cherry (06.26), Trio (02.21), Poem for Albert (09.17), O.C. on TV (05.55), Quartet (01.45).

Recorded on 6-8 October 1987 at Staccato Studio, Stavanger.

Cover art (reproduced above) by John Stevens; design by Helge Crnic.

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