clean feed CF230CD Positions & descriptions: composition no. 75


Simon H. Fell, composition, double bass, electronics; Jim Denley, piccolo, concert, alto and bass flutes; Andrew Sparling, Eb, Bb and bass clarinets; Alex Ward, Bb clarinet; Tim Berne, alto saxophone; Damien Royannais, baritone saxophone, Eb tubax; Chris Batchelor, trumpet; Joby Burgess, percussion; Rhodri Davies, harps; Philip Thomas, piano, celesta; Joe Morris, electric guitar; Steve Beresford, electronics, conduction; Mifune Tsuji, violin; Philip Joseph, theremin; Mark Sanders, drums; Clark Rundell, conductor.
  1. Movt. I (Positions 1-4) (16.51)
  2. Who's the fat man? (Description 1) (01.17)
  3. Movt. II (Position 5) (04.46)
  4. FZ pour PB (Description 2)/Commentaire I de "FZ pour PB" (Description 3) (03.33)
  5. Movt. III (Positions 6-9) (12.59)
  6. Graphic description 4 (03.31)
  7. Movt. IV (Position 10) (04.07)
  8. Plusieurs commentaires de PB pour DR (Description 5) (05.35)
  9. Movt. V (Positions 11-17) (23.32)
Recorded live at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival on 25 November 2007.

Design (front cover reproduced above) by Travassos.

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