Creative sources CS 077 Aporias

Raymond MacDonald/Tatsuya Nakatani/Peter Nicholson/Neil Davidson/Nick Fells

Raymond MacDonald, soprano and alto saxophones; Tatsuya Nakatani, drums, percussion; Peter Nicholson, cello; Neil Davidson, electric guitar; Nick Fells, laptop, sampling.

  1. The flying vapours of incipient madness (12.49)
  2. It is affirmed that the evening and night are the seasons of most violence with incipient lunatics (10.07)
  3. A slight incipient fermentation is undoubtedly of use in the dunghill (18.25)
  4. It is evident that Greek was just now incipient at Cambridge (10.10)
  5. The same instinct is found in an incipient and crude state among animals (04.58)
  6. (12.15)
Recorded December 2004 at the University of Glasgow concert hall.

Artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Kate Burton; design by Carlos Santos.

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