Creative sources CS 093 On creative sources (Hail Satan)


Magda Mayas, piano; Koen Nutters, double bass; Morten J. Olsen, percussion; Carlos Galvez Taroncher, bass clarinet.

  1. Non-pitch I (fast) (02.51)
  2. Intervals and externals I (medium) (03.13)
  3. Intervals and externals II (fast) (02.02)
  4. Loose surface I (high end) (06.45)
  5. Pitch III (fast points and scrapes like always) (03.35)
  6. Loose surface II (low end) (06.36)
  7. Mixed pitch/non-pitch (medium) (04.34)
  8. Pitch IV (slow, near consonance) (03.01)
  9. Loose surface III (triple end) (05.47)
Recorded on 28 August 2006 at Audiocue Tonlabor, Berlin.

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