Creative sources CS 096 Racing the sun chasing the sun

Thollem McDonas

Thollem McDonas, piano.

  1. Tough times teach us what we've always known (04.06)
  2. When we were paying attention (04.48)
  3. A mind is alive at the moment its awoken (06.08)
  4. A moment is only if (05.50)
  5. And then and then and then (04.59)
  6. If you take everything (05.00)
  7. You've got nothing left (05.38)
  8. To compare it with (05.06)
  9. Allways will never be (06.19)
  10. Different are for being and... (03.59)
  11. Never again the same, Never the same again! (04.36)
"This album consists of live recordings of the first halves of two solo piano concerts laid side by side, woven in and out of each other. One concert is from Area Sismica in Forti, Italia and the other is from The Musicians Union Hall in San Francisco."

Cover painting (reproduced above) Miles Stryker; graphic design by Carlos Santos.

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