Creative sources CS 114 GIO poetics

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra

Richard Bamford, drums, percussion; Stuart Brown, drums, percussion; George Burt, guitar; John Burgess, bass clarinet; Matthew Cairns, trumpet; Aileen Campbell, voice; Neil Davidson, guitar; Nick Fells, shakuhachi; Krzysztof Hladowski, bouzouki; George Lyle, double bass, voice; Raymond MacDonald, alto and soprano saxophones; George Murray, trombone; Peter Nicholson, cello, voice; Emma Roche, flute, baroque flute; Ernesto Rodrigues, viola; Guilherme Rodrigues, cello; Matthew Studdert-Kennedy, flute; Armin Sturm, double bass; Jessica Sullivan, cello; Graeme Wilson, tenor and baritone saxophone.

  1. Apricot path (13.10)
  2. Dog's got my money (15.07)
  3. I'm sorry but I've fallen (13.32)
  4. Distributed talk (10.59)
Recorded 3 June 2007 at CCA, Glasgow.

Cover photograph (front cover reproduced above) by Ernesto Rodrigues; graphic design by Carlos Santos.

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