Creative sources CS 170 Murmúrios

TonArt Ensemble/Ernesto Rodrigues

Georgia Ch. Hoppe, clarinet, prepared neopolitanian mandolin, objects; Robert Klammer, zither, electronics, anaolog synth, objects; Nicola Kruse, violin; Heiner Metzger, soundtable; Helmuth Neumann, trumpet, ventil-horn; Thomas Niese, bass; Thomas Österheld, bass clarinet; Ernesto Rodrigues, viola; Krischa Weber, cello; Hannes Wienert, soprano saxophone, trompsax, sheng, tube.

  1. Part 1 (38.14)
  2. Part 2 (17.30)
Recorded 13 December 2008 in Westwerk, Hamburg.

Drawing and layout (front cover reproduced above) by Robert Klammer.

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