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Chagas Curado Viegas Wind Trio

João Pedro Viegas, soprano and bass clarinets; Paulo Chagas, flutes, oboe, sopranino clarinet; Paulo Curado, flute, soprano and alto saxophones.

  1. For Emir (04.05)
  2. Bottleneck's dream song (05.39)
  3. Stressing out (05.13)
  4. Fake camerata (03.33)
  5. Stucked by muffled reed's flattersung (08.13)
  6. Meditation for begginers (05.22)
  7. Fragmentos #1 (02.07)
  8. Mediterranian folk song (06.28)
  9. Articulated ruidisms (04.11)
  10. Roy meets Vienna and doesn't get away with it (11.27)
  11. Nice (Bardot) or nice (Hayworth) (01.59)
Recorded October 2011 at Nacional Filmes Studio, Lisboa.

Graphic design (front cover reproduced above) by Carlos Santos.

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