Cuneiform RUNE 103 Just us

Elton Dean

Elton Dean, alto saxophone, saxello, electric piano; Marc Charig, cornet; Neville Whitehead, electric bass; Phil Howard, drums; Mike Ratledge, organ, electric piano; Roy Babbington, double bass; Nick Evans, trombone; Jeff Green, 6 string electric bass, guitar; Louis Moholo, drums.

  1. Ooglenovastrome (15.18)
  2. Something passed me by (05.31)
  3. Blind badger (06.41)
  4. Neo-Caliban grides (06.53)
  5. Part: the last (05.48)
  6. Banking on Bishopsgate (20.30)
  7. Fun cup (04.28)
Tracks 1-5 recorded at Advision Studios, London, in May 1971; track 6 recorded at the Gondel Filmkunsttheatre, Bremen, Germany on 27 June 1972; track 7 recorded in London on 11 December 1972.

Artwork (reproduced above) by Alan Tanner.

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