Cuneiform RUNE 112 Bebop stardust

Paul Dunmall Octet

Paul Dunmall, tenor saxophone; Simon Picard, tenor saxophone; Annie Whitehead, trombone; Chris Bridges, trombone; Gethin Liddington, trumpet; Keith Tippett, piano; Paul Rogers, double bass; Tony Levin, drums.

  1. Bepop stardust part I (00.50)
  2. Bepop stardust part II (07.25)
  3. Bepop stardust part III (20.34)
  4. Bepop stardust part IV (21.12)
  5. Bepop stardust part V (02.35)
Recorded at Gateway Studio, Kington, on 22 June 1997; produced by Evan Parker.

Front cover painting (reproduced above) by Andy Isham.

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