Cuneiform RUNE 213/214 Workpoints

Graham Collier

Graham Collier, bass, leader; Kenny Wheeler, trumpet, flugelhorn (CD1); Harry Beckett, trumpet, flugelhorn; Henry Lowther, trumpet, flugelhorn (CD1); Dave Aaron, alto, tenor and soprano saxophones, flute; John Surman, baritone and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet, piano (CD1); Karl Jenkins, barintone and soprano saxophones, oboe, piano (CD1); Chris Smith, trombone (CD1); Mike Gibbs, trombone (CD1); John Mumford, trombone, cowbell (CD1); Frank Ricotti, vibraphone, bongoes (CD1); John Marshall, drums (CD1); Art Themen, tenor and soprano saxophones (CD2); Ed Speight, guitar (CD2); Roger Dean, piano, electric piano (CD2); John Webb, drums (CD2).
    Disc 1: Workpoints
  1. Deep dark blue centre (18.13)
  2. The barley mow (05.45)
  3. Workpoints part one (12.46)
  4. Workpoints part two (10.14)
  5. Workpoints part three (11.17)
  6. Workpoints part four (16.31)
Recorded in concert in Southampton in March 1968.

    Disc 2: Live in Middleheim
  1. Little Ben (18.50)
  2. Under the pier (06.00)
  3. Darius part one (09.27)
  4. Darius part three (13.18)
  5. Darius part four (08.01)
  6. Darius part one reprise (04.08)
  7. Clear moon (06.33)
  8. Mackerel sky (06.27)
Recorded in concert in Middleheim, Belgium in August 1975.

CD design (front cover reproduced above) by Bill Ellsworth.

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