Cuneiform RUNE 240 Hopper tunity box

Hugh Hopper

Hugh Hopper, bass, guitar, recorders, soprano saxophone, percussion; Richard Brunton, guitar; Marc Charig, cornet, tenor horn; Elton Dean, alto saxophone, saxello; Nigel Morris, drums; Frank Roberts, electric piano; Dave Stewart, organ, pianet, oscillators; Mike Travis, drums; Gary Windo, bass clarinet, saxophones.
  1. Hopper tunity box (03.35)
  2. Miniluv (03.36)
  3. Gnat prong (07.59)
  4. The lonely sea and the sky (06.39)
  5. Crumble (03.58)
  6. Lonely woman (05.28)
  7. Mobile mobile (05.05)
  8. Spanish knee (03.52)
  9. Ogster perpetual (03.11)
Recorded May-July 1976 at Mobile Mobile.

CD artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Judy LaMar; graphic and design by Bill Elsworth.

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