Cuneiform RUNE 252 Hoarded dreams

Graham Collier

Graham Collier, composer, director; Kenny Wheeler, trumpet, flugelhorn; Manfred Schoof, trumpet, flugelhorn; Henry Lowther, trumpet, flugelhorn; Tomasz Stanko, trumpet; Ted Curson, trumpet; Juhanni Aaltonen, alto and tenor saxophones; Geoff Warren, alto saxophone, alto flute; Art Themen, tenor and soprano saxophones; Matthias Schubert, tenor saxophone, oboe; John Surman, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet; Malcolm Griffiths, trombone; Eje Thelin, trombone; Conny Bauer, trombone; Dave Powell, tuba; John Schröder, guitar; Ed Speight, guitar; Roger Dean, piano; Ashley Brown, drums, percussion.
    Hoarded dreams
  1. Part 1 (02.53)
  2. Part 2 (14.30)
  3. Part 3 (11.21)
  4. Part 4 (10.30)
  5. Part 5 (14.35)
  6. Part 6 (13.54)
  7. Part 7 (02.30)
Recorded live at the ninth Bracknell Jazz Festival, July 1983.

CD artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Judy LaMar.

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