Cuneiform RUNE 255 Healing force: the songs of Albert Ayler

Vinny Golia/Aurora Josephson/Henry Kaiser/Mike Keneally/Joe Morris/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter

Vinny Golia, reeds; Aurora Josephson, voice; Henry Kaiser, guitar; Mike Keneally, piano, guitar, voice; Joe Morris, guitar, bass; Damon Smith, bass; Weasel Walter, drums.
  1. New new grass/Message from Albert (03.21)
  2. Music is the healing force of the universe (20.09)
  3. Japan/Universal indians (10.51)
  4. A man is like a tree (05.21)
  5. Oh! Love of life (12.25)
  6. Thank God for women (05.37)
  7. Heart love (06.17)
  8. New generation (09.31)
  9. New ghosts/New message (05.20)
Recorded 3 May 2006 at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA.

Artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Aurora Josephson; layout and design by Bill Ellsworth.

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