Cuneiform RUNE 263 Eyes in the back of my head


Jason Robinson, tenor saxophone; Michael Dessen, trombone; Scott Walton, bass; Nathan Hubbard, drums.
  1. The rumpus (04.47)
  2. Eyes in the back of my head (10.04)
  3. Dreams of an alternate future/Remembering the past (07.43)
  4. Face in the crowd (08.45)
  5. Code view (08.26)
  6. Theme for Darfur (06.08)
  7. The apex is the whole (06.48)
  8. We kiss in the shadow on the other side of this (10.02)
Recorded 14/15 December 2006 at Sounden Studios, San Clemente, California.

Painting (front cover reproduced above) by Sophie Plassard; graphic and design by Bill Elsworth.

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