Data 101 Slang

Elastic Jargon

Mark Feldman, violin; Jasper le Clercq, violin; Jeffrey Bruinsma, violin; Heleen van der Hoeven, vioin; Benjamin von Gutzeit, viola; Maurice Horsthuis, viola; Annie Tangberg, cello; Brice Soniano, bass.

  1. Les sons du Tlalim (04.43)
  2. Annabelle (03.49)
  3. Een kistje fantastische sigaren (04.25)
  4. Global pizz. (03.21)
  5. A very old customer (06.14)
  6. French summer (04.07)
  7. Gahu (04.15)
  8. Voyage dans le palais (03.32)

Recorded at Bethanienklooster, Amsterdam, 19/20 May 2009.

Cover design (reproduced above) by Petra Dolleman.

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