Discus 16CD The formulary of curses


Martin Archer, sopranino and alto saxophones, bass clarinet, recorders, keyboards, electronics, processing; John Jasnoch, electric guitar, acoustic 12 string, ud, mandolin, lap steel guitar, tenor banjo, field recordings; Simon H. Fell, double bass; Rob Dainton, drums; Derek Saw, tenor and baritone saxophones, flugelhorn, cornet; Simon Pugsley, trombone, trumpet; Charlie Collins, flute, clarinet.

  1. Watercourse [MA/JJ/RD/DS/SP] (04.45)
  2. Mirny [MA/JJ] (03.46)
  3. Song for Edward Vesala [MA/JJ/SF/RD/CC/SP] (03.22)
  4. Minipod [MA/JJ] (01.15)
  5. Kings of pressure [MA/JJ/SF/RD/DS/SP/CC] (09.33)
  6. The cold clean rain [MA/JJ/RD] (02.35)
  7. The formulary of curses [MA/JJ/RD] (03.58)
  8. Pier groups [MA/JJ] (08.51)
  9. Carbon date [MA/JJ/SF] (02.16)
  10. Pods [MA/JJ] (10.16)
  11. Strawberry blue [MA/JJ/SF/RD/DS/SP] (03.44)
  12. Song for Roscoe Mitchell [MA/JJ/SF/RD/DS/SP] (07.57)
  13. A senseless act of beauty [MA/JJ/CC] (07.48)
Recorded 2002-2004 at The Sound Kitchen, Telecottage and Yellowarch Studios, Sheffield.

Cover art (reproduced above) by Abra Cadaver.

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