Discus 5CD Network volume two

54 music miniatures

  1. Dual [Colin Bradley, guitar; Julian Coope, guitar]: Myopia
  2. Vibration Whitefinger [Chris Bywater - Akai s612 sampler, Ensoniq ESQ1, Boss pedals, Alesis Midiverb II, guitar sampled from Vic Vasylenko]: Rent a lout
  3. Yasuhiro Ohtani, guitar, Mac, IRCAM Max, Ensoniq sampler : Book of memory (when the dead weep)
  4. Tim Risher, electronics: Variation I
  5. Tim Hodgkinson, instruments as heard: Paradise - 23
  6. Martin Archer, synthesizers and electronics: Nacht vogel
  7. Air Conditions [Matt Sanson, alto saxophone, environmental tape 1; Ross Lambert, environmental tape 2; English narration, text, Paola Consolaro, Italian narration and translation. Track design and production by Orange Free State]: Synthaprufe
  8. Nicky Heinen, improvised flute, radio waves, assorted glass / water percussion; Tony Flynn, sound designer: Sonic scion
  9. Peter Green, atari falcon running composers desktop project and logic audio: Guitar and tape ; 101
  10. Anthony Brown, rhythm track, synthesizer and production: I can see the possibilities
  11. A.D. Johnstone, midi keyboard, sound module, sequencer: Undecided incision
  12. John Jasnoch, electric guitar and fretless baritone guitar: The perky pat lay-outs
  13. Martin Klapper, loose wooden floorboard, toys, unoiled door, chair: Killing floor (live at home). Recorded 19th september 1995 in my flat.
  14. Transient v Resident [Martin Archer, Oscar; Chris Bywater,Oscar]: Wild Oscars
  15. Nik Bizzell-Browning, re-routed feedback, sent around the desk, performed in real time: Industrial whale
  16. Boots/Penfold [Steve Leach, roland sh-101; Richard Farey, roland mc-202]: 1'29" (know your 101)
  17. Ambassador [James Huggett, ESI-32 sampler, atari st, programming, engineering]: Magog
  18. Howard Ingram [Judith Ingram, voice, composer; Howard Ingram, sound collage recording and editing]: De-commissioned: 1) manifesto 2) boom bang a bang (war is over ?)
  19. John Russell, acoustic guitar: Strakt. Excerpt from live performance at Red Rose, London, 11/12/1994.
  20. Glen Capra, PX107 digital piano: Three etudes
  21. The impossible, Swig (brain mix)
  22. Amanda Sweeney/Firebird ensemble [ Alison wells, soprano; Mieko Kanno, violin; Kate Musker, viola; Nick Roberts, cello; Roger Heaton, clarinet; John Barrow, flute; Anna Christensen, harp; Christopher Bradley, percussion]: Warning
  23. Tom & Graham [Tom Wallace, metal; Graham Halliwell, sax]: Cotton bud
  24. Bello & Trifeletti [Angelo Bello, piano, DX7 synthesizer; Timothy Trifeletti, guitar]: Unknown melody
  25. Sam Fendrich [virtual keyboard : roland d-70, atari 1040 st, e-magic, notator logic]: Etude brutus 27
  26. Scuba [Graeme Gill & Adam Pitt - Oscar, akai so1, yamaha sy85, music x sequencing]: Aqua frolics
  27. In be tween noise [Steve Roden, voice, toy bagpipes]: Stars and moon (a micro-opera)
  28. Paul Ayres [Sarah Rossetti-Taylor, soprano; Paul Ayres, harpsichord]:Sing softly
  29. Simon H. Fell, double bass, electronics: 55 double bass players go apeshit
  30. Morgan Hayes, piano and tape: Blizzard
  31. Mick Beck, tenor saxophone: Flies
  32. Dave Pullin, soprano saxophone: Duals after Rodin
  33. Dal Strutt [Dal Strutt, alto; Matt Holmes, clarinet]: A plea for unicorns/Variation V
  34. Oli Mayne, record decks, shortwave radio, cassette deck, cd player; Victor Lazzarini; live electronics: Condense(ation) 7" unit shifter mix
  35. After birth [Alex Davies and Michael Shepherd]: Respire and sustain
  36. Clive Linem, yamaha sy77: Boolean abode
  37. Peter Godfrey, piano and electronic delay: Impromptu no. 2
  38. Martin Read [Jane Sherriff, soprano; Sylvia Harper, oboe; Kate Gordon, clarinet]: Miners' cottages
  39. Hornweb Saxophone Quartet [Martin Archer, sopranino; Derek Saw, alto, composer; Pete Lyons, tenor, Vic Middleton, baritone]: Shape shifting
  40. 7Hz [Paddy Collins, Mark Hadley, Sean Reynard]: Beat
  41. The sea monkeys [Lou Scannon, channels 1 to 3; V. Du'bois, channels 4 to 6; Stefano Lippi, channel 7; Jack Alan Woods, channel 8]: Foot and mouth emporium
  42. Motion control [J Ballinger, production, synth, samples; Mick Beck, tenor saxophone]: I do what I feel
  43. Paul Ackerley, live percussion and short wave radio: No false alarm
  44. C.S.Coggle, melodie guitar: Arousal jag
  45. Sedayne, crwth, melodica, whistle, flute, dumbek, shure unisphere 1, goat, yamaha MTAA, rattles, alesis microverb 3, goat bells, voice: Pharos/Vals/Eventyr
  46. Mole, Tunisian tabla, thai cymbals, pakistani dumbek, indian bells, leeds wood block, Brazilian cabassa & two African marimbas (balofons): Thai gazai
  47. Alfred Harth/Collectionism, sax, electronics, computers: Adriatic air
  48. Charlotte Glasson [Charlotte Glasson, soprano saxophone; James Fenn, electric guitar; Morgan Hayes, piano, percussion]: Flaking yello stucco
  49. Graham Halliwell, alto saxophone, lexicon digital reverb: at one ten
  50. Richard Powell [Richard Powell , voice, alto saxophone; Harry Marshall, alesis
  51. Simon Kingsley, roland jx8p & sampled french radio personalities: Pause and effect
  52. Paul Burnell, voice, percussion, synthesizer, tape: The time has come
  53. Katharine Norman, tape and electronics: The future
  54. Duncan Marshall, voice, sampler, radio cassette recorder, Voyager spacecraft: The sound from Voyager
Assembled January to October 1995 by Martin Archer.

Artwork (reproduced above) by Abra Cadaver.

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