Ladder rung001 Sixteen


Perfect light and cat bells (07.30).
Derek Saw, alto saxophone; Nigel Manning, tenor saxophone; Vic Middleton, baritone saxophone; Martin Archer, soprano saxophone, metallophone; Paul Shaft, double bass.

Axaxaxas (14.30).
Derek Saw, tenor and baritone saxophones, clarinet; Nigel Manning, tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet; Vic Middleton, baritone and alto saxophones, flute; Martin Archer, soprano saxophone, violin; Mary Schwarz, viola; John Jasnoch, acoustic guitar; Charlie Collins, piccolo, bass clarinet, bass saxophone.

Flute bed (02.00).
Derek Saw, bass clarinet; Nigel Manning, flute; Vic Middleton, flute; Martin Archer, tenor recorder.

Mandarin jam (03.00).
Nigel Manning, Sheng, percussion; Richard Parrott, electric guitar.

Cardinals (09.30).
Derek Saw, sopranino saxophone; Nigel Manning, clarinet; Vic Middleton, tenor saxophone; Martin Archer, soprano saxophone, prepared piano; John Jasnoch, electric guitar; Neil Carver, electric guitar; John Hanlon, electric guitar.

Zircon over Shanghai (03.00).
Nigel Manning, wood flutes.

Oobe (06.30).
Derek Saw, conductor; Nigel Manning, alto saxophone, clarinet; Vic Middleton, baritone saxophone, flute; Martin Archer, soprano saxophone, violin; Pete Lyons, tenor saxophone; Charlie Collins, bass saxophone; Tom Spears, trumpet; Mary Schwarz, viola; Tim Cole, Cello; Jo Cammack, Xylophone, congas; Pete Infanti, drums.

Recorded at Input, Sheffield, winter 1986/1987, except Perfect light and Flute bed, recorded Autumn 1984.

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