doubtmusic dmf-105 Morthana with Pride

Andrew d'Angelo Trio

Andrew d'Angelo, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone; Anders Hana, electric guitar, effects; Morten J. Olsen, drum kit; Mike Pride, voice, effects, screaming, drum kit.
  1. My prostate (04.31)
  2. Skriker (07.06)
  3. Reef zar ja (04.50)
  4. Cheek spread (01.19)
  5. Köavur (05.13)
  6. Space hear (07.40)
  7. HB & Co (03.58)
  8. Kug ronke (03.37)
  9. Eat shit mutherfucker!! (05.03)
Recorded in November 2004 at Peter Karl Studios, Brooklyn.

Artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Andrew d'Angelo; design by Akira Sasaki.

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