Durian 003-2 Musik von dreiundneunzig Schülerinnen

Projekt Klangnetze

  1. Runde (03.35)
  2. Der kreisel (20.58)
  3. 3233 (10.20)
  4. Schmelzendes eis (02.30)
  5. Die reise der sonne (02.53)
  6. Nacht und morgendämmerung (07.18)
  7. E-werk (09.21)
  8. Nach dem U(h)rknall (12.31)
"Klangnetze (sound networks) is a project initiated by Lothar Knessl and Christian Scheib, the musical curators of the Federal Ministry and carried out in co-operation with the Austrian Cultural Service throughout the country.

Over a time period of three to four months and with the assistance of professional musicians, composers and teachers, school students have the opportunity to compose and realise their own music. The project's objective is to allow students of all school grades and types to become familiar with aspects of modern music, to create an understanding for material and form, improvisations and composition, sound and noises, musical communication and to promote the sensitivity of acoustic perception.

The project does not merely convey knowledge in the traditional sense - the students acquire this knowledge in a process-oriented, independent and creative process."
Hans Schneider, project leader.

All recorded 1995/96.

Cover design (reproduced above) by Kraner und Hofmann; lettering by Tom Rengelshausen.

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