Durian 007-2 Violoncello

Michael Moser

Michael Moser, cello.

  1. Instrumente und elektroakustisch ortsbezogene verdichtung ("das Blaue vom Himmel"), 1995-97 by Peter Ablinger (14.40); recorded and mixed on 11/12 January 1998 at Musikhochschule Graz.
  2. Schrift 2, 1996 by Bernhard Lang (15.10); recorded and mixed on 22/23/24 August 1997 at Feedback Studio, Vienna.
  3. Solo für cello, 1996 by Isabel Mundry (09.08); recorded and mixed on 7/8 December 1997 at Grosser Ehrbarsaal, Vienna.
  4. Monolog, Konzert für violoncello und computer 1997 by Winfried Ritsch (12.12); recorded on 22/23 December 1997 at Musikhochschule Graz.
Cover design (reproduced above) by Kraner und Hofmann; lettering by Tom Rengelshausen.

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