Durian 014-2 Apparartur zu den grundlagen der physik I

Peter Brandlmayr

The apparatus used on this disc is based on the manuscripts of Professor V. Krylov, professor in experimental physics at teh Institut für Wissenschaft und Forschung, Vienna. Manuscript iii describes in 939 pages the apparatus concerning the fundamentals of physics (Apparartur zu den grundlagen der physik).

  1. Experiment N1725/33 (11.43)
  2. Experiment E1916/802 (04.01)
  3. Experiment H1944/56 (12.29)
  4. Elektromagnetischer konflikt (01.45)
  5. Experiment E1916/774 (09.59)
Recorded in February 2001 at the Institute of Seebau; subsequent arrangements in June 2001.

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