Cheap Entertainment/Form&Function F&F 033 Easy to assemble, hard to take apart

Patrick Pulsinger

Werner Dafeldecker, bass; Josef Novotny, piano; Paul Skrepek, drums; Christoph Reimann, clarinet; Richard Klammer, trumpet; Bernhard Spahn, saxophone; Radu Malfatti, trombone.

    Side a:
  1. Man sitzt bequem
  2. Hot boots are no fun!
    Side b:
  1. These precious days, I'll spend with you
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Recorded at Feedback Studio, Vienna, no date. 'Written, produced and arranged by Patrick Pulsinger at "Golden Light" Studio, Vienna 99/00'.

The full title of this 12" vinyl disc - released in 2001 - is 'Patrick Pulsinger presents Easy to assemble, hard to take apart'.

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