ECM 1449 A wider embrace

Trevor Watts Moiré Drum Orchestra

Trevor Watts, alto and soprano saxophones; Nana Tsiboe, gonje, lead twanga, atupan drums, brekete drums, odukro-gya drums, djembe, congas, wea flute, vocals; Nee-Daku Patato, congas, brekete drums, odukro-gya drums, tamale drum, berimbau, bells, cabasa, vocals; Jojo Yates, mbira, twanga, cowbells, brekete drums, odukro-gya drums, gyamadudu drum, bells, cabasa, wea flute, vocals; Nana Appiah, ddukro-gya drums, lead wea flute, brekete drums, shakers, cabasa, cowbells, vocals; Paapa J. Mensah, kit drums, shakers, wea flute, vocals; Colin McKenzie, bass guitar.

  1. Egugu (10.13)
  2. Medley: Ahoom mbram, Tetegramatan, Free flow, Tetegramatan reprise (10.00)
  3. Opening gambit (07.08)
  4. Otublohu (07.55)
  5. Bomsu (04.57)
  6. Hunters' song: Ibrumankuman (02.35)
  7. The rocky road to Dublin (10.56)
  8. Brekete takai (05.44)
  9. Southern memories (07.43)
  10. We are (03.24)
Recorded April 1993 at Angel Studios, London.

Cover photo (reproduced above) by Jim Bengston.

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