ECM 1693 Drawn inward

Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble

Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophones, khène; Barry Guy, double bass; Paul Lytton, percussion, live electronics; Philipp Wachsmann, violin, viola, live electronics, sound processing; Lawrence Casserley, live electronics, sound processing; Walter Prati, live electronics, sound processing; Marco Vecchi, live electronics, sound processing.

  1. The crooner (for Johnny Hartman) (09.10)
  2. Serpent in the sky (07.30)
  3. Travel in the homeland (07.59)
  4. Spouting bowl (02.56)
  5. Collect calls [Milano-Kingston] [Bugged] (10.38)
  6. aka Lotan (04.25)
  7. Reanascreena (05.42)
  8. At home in the universe (for Stuart Kauffman) (03.21)
  9. Writing on ice (03.43)
  10. Phloy in the frame (03.49)
  11. DrawnInward (06.02)

Recorded December 1998 at Gateway Studios, London.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Jan Jedlicka; cover design by Birgit Binner.

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