ECM 016 372-2 (ECM 1785) Skirting the river road: songs and settings of Whitman, Blake and Vaughan

Robin Williamson

Robin Williamson, vocals, harp, guitar, whistles; Mat Maneri, viola, violin; Paul Dunmall, tenor and soprano saxophones, clarinet, border pipes, ocarina, moxeño; Åle Möller, mandola, lute, hammered dulcimer, shawn, clarino, drone flutes, natural flutes, bamboo flutes, vibraphone; Mick Hutton, double bass.
  1. The morning watch; A song of joys (05.32)
  2. Here to burn (03.48)
  3. The four pointsare thus beheld (06.21)
  4. Infant joy (03.26)
  5. Dalliance of eagles (03.47)
  6. Abstinence of sows sand (02.55)
  7. The journey (04.00)
  8. The terrible doubt; The price of experience (04.47)
  9. West from California's shores (05.10)
  10. Shepherd's tune (00.43)
  11. The map with no north (04.33)
  12. The spider (03.38)
  13. The fly (02.43)
  14. Crossing Brooklyn Ferry (16.34)
  15. The world of light (03.46)
Recorded March/April 2001 at Gateway Studios, Kingston-upon-Thames.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) and design by Sascha Kleis.

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