Emanem 4029 The scenic route

John Butcher/Phil Durrant/John Russell

John Butcher, soprano and tenor saxophones; Phil Durrant, violin; John Russell, guitar.

  1. Heavy merge (19.51) an mp3 clip from this track can be downloaded
  2. Belayed (13.10)
  3. Buffet balls (04.55)
  4. Beyond headlines (06.57)
  5. Climate change (22.02)
Tracks 1-4 recorded on 22 May 1998 at Musique Action '98, Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France; track 5 recorded on 15 March 1998 at the Red Rose Club, London.

Illustration (reproduced on cover above) taken from a black and white photo of Glacier des Bossons, Mont Blanc, c.1890.

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