Emanem 4035 Foxes fox

Evan Parker/Steve Beresford/John Edwards/Louis Moholo

Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophones; Steve Beresford, piano; John Edwards, double bass; Louis Moholo, drums, cymbals, timpani, claves.

  1. Wood on wood (03.55)
  2. Amoebic mystery (22.30)
  3. Running (with scissors) (06.33)
  4. Bird with a shell (11.54)
  5. Snail/kite (04.17)
  6. Fox's fox (03.53)
  7. Foxes fox (17.13) an mp3 clip from this track can be downloaded
  8. Toast sweat (03.22)
  9. Dog bone D flat (03.34)
Recorded on 21 July 1999 at Gateway Studios, London.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Martin Davidson.

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