Emanem 4056 The Place 1991

Chris Burn Ensemble

JIm Denley, piccolo, flute, bass flute; John Butcher, tenor and soprano saxophones; Stevie Wishart, violin, hurdy gurdy; Phil Durrant, violin; Marcio Mattos, cello; John Russell, guitar; Chris Burn, piano, toy piano, percussion; Matt Hutchinson, synthesizer and electronics; Evan Parker, tenor saxophone (track 6).

  1. Presponse (13.42)
  2. The piano ate card (16.56)
  3. Pollock #82 (09.24)
  4. Southern samba a go-go (10.00)
  5. Hammer hint (08.44)
  6. Blocks and arches (12.38)
Recorded at The Place, London on 13 October 1991.

Cover image (reproduced above) from a book c.1890.

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