Emanem 4062 Plus equals

Spontaneous Music Orchestra

John Stevens, percussion, cornet; Ian Brighton, electric guitar; Roger Smith, acoustic guitar; Nigel Coombes, violin; Robert Carter, violin; Stephen Luscomb, violin; Lindsay Cooper, cello; Jane Robertson, cello; Colin Wood, cello; Marcio Mattos, bass; Angus Fraser, bass; Evan Parker, soprano saxophone; Trevor Watts, soprano saxophone; Bob Turner, soprano saxophone; Robert Calvert, sopranino saxophone; Dave Decobain, alto saxophone; Herman Hauge, alto saxophone; Ye Min, alto saxophone; Martin Mayes, french horn; Peter Drew, piano; Chris Turner, harmonica. Musicians on track 2 unknown.

  1. Plus equals (40.25)
  2. SMO at LTC (20.21)
Track 1 recorded live by Martin Davidson at St John's Smith Square, London, on 25 January 1975; track 2 recorded live by Martin Davidson at the Little Theatre Club, London on 24 January 1974.

Sleeve design (reproduced above) by Margaret Richards.

Track 1 originally released in 1975 as A LP 003; this CD issue released in 2001. Track 1 subsequently re-issued on Emanem 5209.

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