Emanem 4063 The first two gigs

Chris Burn/John Butcher/Rhodri Davies/John Edwards

Chris Burn, piano, percussion; John Butcher, tenor and soprano saxophones; Rhodri Davies, harp; John Edwards, double bass.

  1. Low standard (13.35)
  2. High standard (15.44)
  3. The remove (07.36)
  4. Scharlachglut (16.11)
  5. Russelliana (08.09)
  6. Souvenir de docteur (06.30)
Tracks 1-3 recorded at the Standard Music Venue, Walthemstow, London on 25 May 2000; tracks 4-6 recorded at the Red Rose, London on 17 September 2000.

Cover graphic (reproduced above) by Martin Davidson.

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