Emanem 4091 For John Stevens

The Gathering

Angeline Conaghan, voice; Hugo Danino, voice; Evrah, voice; Sharon Gal, voice, recorder, percussion; Glynis Joseph, voice; Juliet Morel, voice; Carmel Morrisey, voice; Zia Musafia, voice, wooden flute; Maggie Nicols, voice; Frank Charlton, cornet, voice; Paul Shearsmith, pocket trumpet, voice; Shirley Hall, bass clarinet, voice; Bernard Burns, soprano saxophone, voice; Tom Chant, soprano saxophone, voice; Dave De Cobain, alto saxophone, voice; Richard Leigh, alto saxophone, voice; Veryan Weston, piano, voice; Susanna Ferrar, violins, voice; Morris English, guitar, melodica, voice; Moshi Honen, guitar, voice; Steve Moyes, guitar, recorder, voice; Mick Rodwell, lap steel guitar, voice; Stuart Fisher, electronics, voice; Dennis Austin, percussion, toys, voice; Dave Fowler, drum kit, voice.
  1. Feast (28.05)

    For John Stevens:
  2. Click piece (06.37)
  3. Sustained piece (06.49)
  4. Mouse in the desert (08.14)

  5. Released (17.55)
  6. Beauty and the beast (10.11)
Recorded at Gateway Studios, London on 1 July 2002.

Front cover painting (reproduced above) by Annalisa Colombara.

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