Emanem 4213 Ikebana: London encounters

Milo Fine

Milo Fine, clarinets, piano, drum set; Angharad Davies, violin (track A1); Philipp Wachsmann, violin, electronics (tracks A1, B2-B5); Simon H. Fell, double bass (track A1); Marcio Mattos, double bass (tracks A1, B1-B5); Tony Wren, double bass (tracks A1, B1-B5); Matt Hutchinson, synthesizer, electronics (track A1); Marj McDaid, voice (track A1); Alex Ward, clarinet (tracks A2-A4); Paul Shearsmith, pocket trumpet (track A5); Gail Brand, trombone (track A5); Charlotte Hug, viola (tracks B1-B5); Hugh Davies, invented instruments (tracks B1-B5).
    Disc A:
  1. April radicals (37.40)
  2. Only two clarinets (07.27)
  3. Still only two clarinets (06.51)
  4. Fine ward mill hill (13.30)
  5. Skinny frogs (11.38)
    Disc B:
  1. May radicals minus one (28.12)
  2. May radicals two (07.17)
  3. May radicals three (07.58)
  4. May radicals four (21.45)
  5. May radicals five (14.09)
Tracks A1, B1-B5 recorded at the Red Rose, London, A1 on 2 April 2003, B1-B5 on 7 May 2003; tracks A2-A4 recorded in London on 9 April 2003; track A5 recorded at the Klinker, London on 6 May 2003.

Front cover painting (reproduced above) Anchor (2003) by Duane Ditty; design by Martin Davidson.

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