Emanem 4215 Freedom of the city 2004: small groups

Various musicians

    Disc A:
    John Russell, guitar; Stefan Keune, sopranino saxophone; Phil Minton, voice; Philipp Wachsmann, violin, electronics; Georg Wolf, double bass:
  1. Whithersoever (22.22)
  2. Paul Rutherford, trombone:
  3. Titled improvisation part one (09.23)
  4. Titled improvisation part two (07.55)
  5. Titled improvisation part three (04.58)
  6. Clive Bell, sipsi, shakuhachi, pi saw flute, mini-khene, Cretan pipes; Sylvia Hallett, viola, bicycle wheel, saw, jews harp, breath, digital delays:
  7. A skein (12.12)
  8. A lock (06.48)
  9. A gaggle (07.03)
  10. A purl (04.49)
    Disc B:
    Chris Burn, piano, percussion; John Butcher, soprano and tenor saxophones; Clare Cooper, guzheng; Jim Denley, flute, bass flute, flax, alto saxophone, voice; Will Guthrie, amplified percussion; Matt Hutchinson, synthesizers, electronics:
  1. Tension sort (07.48)
  2. Geiger release (10.21)
  3. Gail Brand, trombone; Morgan Guberman, voice:
  4. Heart sliced open (10.23)
  5. Pop goes the drunkard (11.57)
  6. Roger Smith, guitar; Louis Moholo-Moholo, drum set, musical doll:
  7. The very first time (30.29)
  8. The end of the very first time (05.29)
Recorded at the Freedom of the City festival, Conway Hall, London on 2 May 2004.

Front cover design (reproduced above) by Martin Davidson.

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