Emanem 4303 Chapter two 1981-3

Iskra 1903

Paul Rutherford, trombone, electronics, euphonium, tambourine; Philipp Wachsmann, violin, electronics; Barry Guy, double bass, electronics; Evan Parker, tenor saxophone (track C3 only).

    Disc A:
  1. Dieptaur (26.32)
  2. Phelgstart (26.54)
  3. Panshanton (24.13)
    Disc B:
  1. Veprol (24.36)
  2. Eiverl (08.02)
  3. Emingha (28.55)
  4. Marib (06.14)
    Disc C:
  1. Stoleri (35.24)
  2. Vendia (24.12)
  3. Epis (16:34)
Track A1 recorded on 16 August 1981 at the Pied Bull, London; all other tracks recorded 1983: tracks A2-3 on 1 December at Southampton Arts Centre; tracks B1-2 on 2 December at Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool; tracks B3-4 on 4 December at Aston University Arts Centre, Birmingham; track C1 on 6 December at Arnolfini, Bristol; and tracks C2-3 on 17 March at Seven Dials, London.

All previously unissued.

"Paul Rutherford would like to dedicate this release to the memory of Derek Bailey, who was in the first edition of Iskra 1903."

Front cover (reproduced above) is a scan of packaging made from a semi-shredded cardboard box, complete with label, by Martin Davidson.

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