Emanem 5014 Life amid the artefacts

Otherways & Free Space

Free Space [John Stevens, cornet, voice; Trevor Watts, soprano saxophone; Herman Hauge, alto saxophone; John Russell, electric guitar; Nigel Coombes, violin; Ron Herman, double bass; Marc Meggido, double bass; Dave Soloman, percussion] track 1 only;

Otherways [Herman Hauge, alto saxophone; Simon Mortimer, piano (tracks 3-5); Nigel Coombes, violin (track 2); Marc Meggido, double bass (tracks 2-5); Dave Soloman, percussion], tracks 2-7.

  1. Intermediate (15.15)
  2. Altitudes (10.27)
  3. Unarmoured (25.16)
  4. Gesture (05.35)
  5. Aranata (04.13)
  6. Lucid (10.23)
  7. Zeal (04.54)
Tracks 1 recorded at the ICA, London on 1 July 1973; track 2 recorded at the Little Theatre Club, London on 7 September 1973; tracks 3-5 recorded at rehearsal in London on 7 September 1973; and tracks 6-7 were recorded at the LMC on 23 November 1984.

Front cover (reproduced above) skyscraper photograph manipulation and design by Herman Hauge.

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