Emanem 5019 Translations

Pascal Marzan/John Russell

Pascal Marzan, guitar; John Russell, guitar.
  1. Don't tease your cat (18.27)
  2. Eighty-eight beautiful canals (10.57)
  3. Nightwork (07.16)
  4. Kuulilennuteetunneliluuk (24.44)
  5. In Mr Niwa's garden, two chickens suddenly ate a crocodile (11.04)
Tracks 1-3 recorded 5 February 2007 at John Russell's former home in Finsbury Park, London; 4-5 recorded 22 March 2010 at John Russell's current home in Walthamstow, London.

Front cover image (reproduced above) is a still from the film Tide 2007 by Helen Petts.

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