Emanem 5033 Olive & Familie (1968/9)

Spontaneous Music Ensemble

Tracks 1 and 4: Pepi Lemer, voice; Norma Winstone, voice; Trevor Watts, piccolo; Brian Smith, flute; Evan Parker, soprano saxophone; Peter Lemer piano; Derek Bailey, electric guitar; Nick Bryce, cello; Jeff Clyne, double bass; Dave Holland, double bass; John Stevens, small drum set.

Track 2: Kenny Wheeler, flugelhorn; Derek Bailey, electric guitar; Trevor Watts, alto saxophone; Pepi Lemer, voice; Carolann Nicholls, voice; Peter Lemer piano; Johnny Dyani, double bass; John Stevens, drum set.

Track 3: Maggie Nicols, voice; Trevor Watts, alto saxophone; Johnny Dyani, double bass; John Stevens, small drum set.

  1. Familie (19.42)
  2. Oliv I (19.25)
  3. Olive II (15.57)
  4. Familie (alternative ending) (11.33)
Tracks 1 and 4 recorded in London, January 1968; tracks 2 and 3 recorded in London on 7 February 1969.

Tracks 2-3 originally released in 1969 as Marmalade LP 608008.

Photos (front cover reproduced above) by Jak Kilby.

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