Entropy Stereo Recordings ESR001 Live at the D.I.A 1983

Griot Galaxy

Faruq Z. Bey, tenor, alto and soprano saxophone; Anthony Holland, alto and soprano saxophone; David McMurray, tenor, alto and soprano saxophone; Jaribu Shahid, bass; Tani Tabbal, drums, percussion; Sadiq Bey, dance, percussion (CDII, track 3); Fahali Igbo, djimbe (CDII, track 3).
    Disc I
  1. Z-series: a) Zinj lebarb; b) Zenelog c) Aintro d) Find it (16.26)
  2. Necrophilia (26.06)
    Disc II
  1. After death (09.29)
  2. Fosters (10.34)
  3. Marz Society (04.33)
  4. Spectrum (07.04)
  5. Shadow world (13.33)
Recorded at The D.I.A., Detroit on 29 January 1983

Cover photograph (front cover reproduced above) by Ron DeCorte; art/design by Mike Johnston and Mark Rudolph.

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