Entropy Stereo Recordings ESR002 Country music of Southeastern Australia

Eugene Chadbourne

    Eugene Chadbourne, guitar, vocal, rake, plunger; David Moss, rhythm box, Mylar, fucked-up snare, woodblocks, measuring cups, Lego motors, dead microphone, 1/2 watt guitar amp, frightening vocals, 6" cymbal, human cheeks; Jon Rose, violin, piano; Rik Rue, tape recordings of machines, animals, vomiting, native rituals, arguments, warfare, miscellaneous disturbances:
  1. The bully song (05.24)
  2. Private Clug (07.23)
  3. My gas tank runs on booze (03.58)
  4. I'm sorry (04.25)
  5. The dog song (04.46)
  6. My uncle used to love me but she died (03.03)
  7. Music from Canadasmania: a) Light my fire; b) Workingman blues (3.29)
  8. Train medley: a) Freight train; b) Take the A train (06.10)
  9. Willie medley: a) On the road again/I fall to pieces (05.55)
  10. Willie medley: b) Nightlife (00.19)
  11. Australia medley: a) You jus can't win (01.31)
  12. Australia medley: b) Sheik of Scrubby Creek (04.02)

    The Tel Aviv Bats: Eugene Chadbourne, guitar, vocals; David Moss, percussion, cheap drum machine, vocals; Jim Denley, alto saxophone, flax, flute:

  13. Wipeout; Purple haze; Star spangled banner; The sound of music (04.41)
  14. Blackmailed by music department blues (01.55)
  15. I started a joke; Whiter shade of pale; Ain't misbehavin'; Louisiana State Trooper (05.34)
  16. Ewing family tribute; 2MBS presents Barry White (02.15)
  17. Homeward bound; Meditation in New Zealand (04.55)
  18. Surf rumble; Entering Canadian customs; Arrest of Jim Denley on possession of rabbit shit; Introducing Tel Aviv Bats (04.01)
Tracks 1-12 recorded around Australia, 1983/1984; tracks 13-18 recorded at University of Melbourne.

Tracks 1-12 originally issued on RRR Records.

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