Entropy Stereo Recordings ESR003 Remote Viewing Ensemble

Remote Viewing Ensemble

Ben Bracken, prepared guitar, electronics, tapes, acoustic guitar, cymbals; Mike Gilmore, cheng, percussion, vibes, tamboura, bone guitar, cymbals; Mike Johnston, bass, wood flutes, percussion, tapes, husks, violin; Kirk Lucas, bowed banjo (track 6).
  1. Mekong Delta (08.55)
  2. Dromma (13.31)
  3. irrtiav54 (06.50)
  4. Bhayanaka (09.19)
  5. 14 houses (15.02)
  6. Adbhuta (18.20)
Recorded at Northwood Studios during 1997.

Artwork and layout (front cover reproduced above) by Ben Bracken and Mike Johnston.

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