Entropy Stereo Recordings ESR011 19 moons

Faruq Z. Bey/Northwoods Improvisers

Faruq Z. Bey, tenor and alto saxophone; Mike Gilmore, vibes, bone guitar; Mike Johnston, bass; Nick Ashton, drums; Lew Bukowski, contra alto clarinet (tracks 1, 3, 6); Patrick Boyer, (track 1).
  1. Fountain (06.09)
  2. After death (12.36)
  3. Mamaka II (09.11)
  4. Ayler (09.31)
  5. Moors (14.47)
  6. 19 moons (12.28)
Recorded live in concert on 16 June 2001 in Wightman Hall, Central Michigan University.

Cover photograph (front cover reproduced above) by Don Barber; design by Mike Johnston and Mark Rudolph.

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