Erstwhile Records 016 We are everyone in the room

Stilluppsteypa/TV Pow

Stilluppsteypa [Heimir Björgúlfsson; Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson; Helgi Thorsson], powerbooks and minidisc players; TV Pow [Todd A. Carter; Brent Gutzeit; Michael Hartman], laptops, CDs, and electronic instruments.

  1. Mchigan impossible (13.41); recorded at The Detroit Contemporary on 3 November 2000
  2. For starters we have nothing conclusive (17.18); recorded at Tonic, New York on 30 October 2000
  3. Where's your asian girlfriend (04.07); recorded at Deadtech, Chicago on 5 November 2000
  4. International starving artists (09.26); recorded as track 3
  5. This place looks like Flint or double ass shot (you guys can pick, we like double ass shot) (04.16); recorded at Speak in Tongues, Cleveland on 4 November 2000
Front cover drawing (reproduced above) by Leif Elggren.

Press release from Erstwhile: May 2001

Stilluppsteypa and TV Pow are two of the most prominent laptop trios in the world of experimental music. Originally hailing from Iceland, Stilluppsteypa was formed in 1992, and the current lineup of Heimir Björgúlfsson, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, and Helgi Thorsson has been together since 1995. They've released work on such prestigious labels as Ritornell, meme, and their own imprint, but We Are Everyone In The Room is their first improv record. Based in Chicago, TV Pow (Todd Carter, Brent Gutzeit and Michael Hartman) was founded in 1995, and has performed with such prominent musicians as Otomo Yoshihide, Erik M, Taku Sugimoto and John Butcher. Gutzeit and Hartman also run the influential labels BoxMedia and Gentle Giant, respectively, where most previous TV Pow material has appeared.

In late October 2000, Stilluppsteypa and TV Pow embarked on a week-long tour of the US. The two groups, while familiar with each other's output, had never worked together before, but did so for part or all of each of these performances. We Are Everyone In The Room was compiled from these shows, including their first collaboration ever at Tonic in NYC. Stilluppsteypa and TV Pow combine a thorough knowledge and wide range of microscopic sounds with an uncanny feel for their deployment within an improv context.

The captivating cover art was created by Leif Elggren, a Swedish conceptual artist and co-founder of the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland.

"The more established the contemporary genre of noise music becomes, the more surprising it is to hear serious creative distinctions. TV Pow and Stilluppsteypa, two long standing outfits in a field known for there-and-gone participation, have proven to be both dedicated and utterly engaging in their furthering of this most modern of musics. Informed by all concepts of avant garde art music, they successfully transcend any manner of description. In other words this shit full on rocks." - Thurston Moore.

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