ESP - Disk 1025 Sings

Patty Waters

Patty Waters, voice, piano (not track 8); Burton Greene, piano and piano harp (track 8); Steve Tintweiss, bass (track 8); Tom Price, percussion (track 8).

  1. Moon, don't come up tonight (02.59)
  2. Why can't I come to you (02.52)
  3. You thrill me (01.20)
  4. Sad am I, glad am I (01.24)
  5. Why is love such a funny thing (01.11)
  6. I can't forget you (01.48)
  7. You loved me (02.28)
  8. Black is the color of my true love's hair (13.51)
Recorded on 19 December 1965 at RLA Sound Studios, NYC.

Photograph (front cover reproduced above) by Charles Stewart; design and layout by Mike Sanzone, Miles Bachman & Fumi Tomita.

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