ESP - Disk 4038 Bloom in the commune

Burton Greene

Burton Greene, piano, piano harp, percussion; Marion Brown, alto saxophone; Frank Smith, tenor saxophone; Henry Grimes, bass; Dave Grant, percussion; Tom Price, percussion.

  1. His early band/His ESP first recording (Interview with BG) (01.56)
  2. Cluster Quartet [BG/MB/DB/HG] (12.07)
  3. Ballade [BG/MB/HG/TP] (10.35)
  4. Bloom in the commune [BG/MB/DG/HG] (08.03)
  5. Taking it out of the ground [BG/MB/FS/HG/DG] (13.04)
  6. Recap of session (Interview with Bernard Stollman) (01.13)
  7. Recap of session (Interview with BG) (00.46)
  8. How he got involved with ESP (Interview with BG) (00.57)
  9. The music scene (Interview with BG) (01.57)
  10. Music is life (Interview with BG) (05.20)
  11. The mind set of that time (Interview with BG) (03.57)
  12. Albert Ayler at Slug's Saloon (Interview with BG) (03.02)
Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Guy Kopelowicz; graphic design by Peov.

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